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Services For Boilers, Cooling Towers, Chillers & Closed Systems

Hydro Management Inc. is a leading water treatment expert in the U.S., providing comprehensive water treatment and water management programs for various industries, applications, and facilities.

Chemical Cleaning

Hydro Management provides chemical cleaning for chillers, boilers, cooling towers, and closed systems. These cleanings remove deposits and corrosion, and return your equipment to its original efficiency and capacity. We also provide sanitization and Legionella remediation to meet EPA requirements.

Treatment Chemicals for

Boiler Water, Boiler Feedwater & Condensate Return Lines

Our water technology experts use state of the art chemical treatments for boiler water, boiler feedwater, and condensate return to achieve increased energy efficiency and extend equipment life. Each chemical treatment program is custom built around our customers equipment and application needs.

Treatment Chemicals for

Cooling Towers & Chilled Loops

We provide water treatment solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, equipment life, and bacteria control for cooling towers, and chilled loop systems. Our water technology professionals use traditional chemistries as well as new non-chemical technologies. We Also offer remote monitoring for cooling tower systems.

We are factory trained certified service suppliers for Dolphin, Pulse Pure and Griswold systems.

Other services we offer include:

  • Creating custom programs on Legionella and bacteria prevention.
  • Supplying non-chemical water treatment devices.
  • Provide softeners, filtration, feed, and control equipment.
  • Contracts, consultations and training.

Hydro Management also offers equipment maintenance and replacement contracts for your existing water treatment controllers, chemical feed pumps, and valves.

Glycol Testing, Maintenance & Filling

Hydro Management, Inc. specializes in testing, maintenance, and filling of glycol systems. We can test glycol freeze protection and provide maintenance programs. We offer glycol in 5, 15, 30, and 55 gallon containers, up to 6000 gallon tank truck deliveries. We have experience filling and maintaining very large systems.

Laboratory Services

Our water treatment technology company provides laboratory services, including testing and analysis. We can do certified testing for Legionella, and bacteria testing. Hydro Management also offers technical laboratory services such as corrosion studies and deposit analysis. Our laboratory can also custom blend specialty chemicals per the client’s individual needs.

Training Programs

For clients and companies looking to train their staff on environmental health as well as water treatment and maintenance, Hydro Management, Inc. can help through training programs. Our experts share their expertise and experience on water treatment and water treatment technology through onsite training.

Why Hydro Management, Inc.

Hydro Management was founded by Joseph Goodrich CWT in 2005. We are a small, family owned business. As a result, we have low overhead costs and are able to re-invest our profits back to our customers in the form of increased service time. The amount of time a service person spends on site directly affects the success of the water treatment program.

Our reputation as an honest, reputable, high quality company has led to many business relationships with international companies, critical data centers, and secure government facilities.

We provide superior quality service you cannot find elsewhere.

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