About Us

About Us

Hydro Management is a water treatment technology provider that offers top-notch water treatment solutions for companies in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. Since 2005 we have focused on delivering outstanding custom solutions for our customers.

As a water treatment company, we provide our water management programs to:

  • Various industrial applications
  • Commercial buildings
  • Data centers
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Hydro Management can provide you with a team of professionals who can operate on a wide range of projects and applications. Our experts ensure that they meet site, utility, and regulatory standards when working on your location.

Are you ready to experience safer and cleaner water solutions in your facility? Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about your water treatment requirements.

Client Testimonials

Hydro Management is an integral part of our facility maintenance team, and provides us with much more than basic water treatment. They have helped us to resolve many problems with our heating and cooling systems, while increasing our efficiency, reliability and equipment life. Hydro Management service programs have reduced chemical usage, water usage, electrical costs, and system repairs. I would highly recommend them to any facility that uses cooling towers, boilers and circulating water systems in their plant or facility.

- Governors State University

Hydro Management has been a great asset to our data center during start up and commissioning. Their expertise in water treatment systems and equipment helped us to transition from construction to operation with minimal cost over-runs and no down time. They took the time to make sure everything was installed and operating correctly, even the equipment that was not part of their scope.

We look forward to many years of continuing service.

- Data Realty 

I have worked with Hydro Management at two locations in the last five years, and the quality of the service and products has been excellent. They have helped to resolve serious problems with my steam boilers at both locations, resulting in a greatly increased reliability and efficiency of our HVAC systems. Hydro Management is a very professional and dependable company, and I recommend their services.

- Perspectives Charter Schools